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So why study praxis 2?

Well take your time and study for praxis 2 to become a teacher. Are you an educator or possibly a student who is currently attending masters degree workshop or perhaps a university program that entitles you after completion becoming certified science teacher or math or history teachers for the state of connecticut?

Do you want to teach in private schools, if so at what level?  Have you considered studying teaching at any of the public schools, perhaps while being a student teacher while at the same time practicing for your praxis 2 test?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions then the praxis 2 test may very well be the right test for you to take.

There is a lot of tests out there with very little explanation in how to pass them, so how can you tell which test should you take and why should you even bother?  The right test to take is the test for which you strongly believe that you become good at.  You need proper test preparation resources, there are a lot of them on the internet.  I am personally familiar with the following site, they have fairly descent informative site, providing recommendations in terms of what test are the best to take.