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English Tutoring SAT

Why bother getting English Tutoring in SAT?  Why not just get SAT book and read than study and take a test?  Although it may seem as a viable option to simply disregard studying for SAT altogether and simply not rely on any tutoring in reality it may make detrimental effect on your positive self esteem.

English Tutoring in SAT can most certainly be necessary for any type of student who belongs to the following categories.

1.  Has a strong pattern in not being able to identify words in context.

2. Is a foreign student and whose English is not their second language.

3. Someone who never dedicated any attention to reading plays, or english literature.

Surely there are other categories, however students are mostly cooperative in learning new concepts when the words are presented in contextual format.  For example, if you try tutoring English SAT to a non-English born student, it may not make any sense to that student, unless  you summarize synonyms in context such as a sentence or a phrase.

English Tutoring SAT can also be a great money maker for tutors that are elite in teaching English and also happen to speak other language such as Spanish for example.

There are multiple resources out there that can let the students focus on learning SAT words and see how words arranged in context, but nothing can replace solid English Tutor in SAT.  So the question is how do you find a student, perhaps you should reverse that question and ask “how do you let the student find you”.

Why not register for free on either of the following educational tutoring portals such as or you can create a profile there and advertise yourself in hopes of being noticed and getting contacted directly by the students.  Sometimes even the agencies may contact you there and offer you all sorts of jobs such as Tutoring English in SAT.

English Tutoring Online Possibilites

Many tutors are eager to teach students English online, however it takes not just english skills to tutor someone online, but also motivation and technical skills.  First of all as an the time progresses so is the learning process and so are the existing tools which help students to learn.

If you are planning on earning extra cash on a side and help students by tutoring english online, than decide what educational  tools you wish to use to accomplish that.  Sure you can use skype, yahoo or MSN, but english is a complicated language and unless you are pro in using tools like skype messanger and yahoo, than that track is not for you.  Why not use moodle it’s an educational platform that let teachers create their own lessons customized toward student needs.

Getting necessary tools may indeed open certain possibilities in tutoring English online, however no matter what tools you use there is always a source of common problem.  That source is getting students and expanding your English tutoring online possibilities.

So where do I get students to teach English online and get paid and how can I increase my chances of being noticed by the students.  From the top of my head I can come up with couple of portals, these portals are free and let you create a profile in which you can mention that you can tutor online.

Unfortunately these forums are mostly US based, but still it will give you a good head start to get yourself out there and show students that you exist, perhaps even leave your email in the form and requests students to contact you directly.  The best part about these english online tutoring forums they are free and English happens to be one of the tutoring subjects for which you can create profile of.


So why study praxis 2?

Well take your time and study for praxis 2 to become a teacher. Are you an educator or possibly a student who is currently attending masters degree workshop or perhaps a university program that entitles you after completion becoming certified science teacher or math or history teachers for the state of connecticut?

Do you want to teach in private schools, if so at what level?  Have you considered studying teaching at any of the public schools, perhaps while being a student teacher while at the same time practicing for your praxis 2 test?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions then the praxis 2 test may very well be the right test for you to take.

There is a lot of tests out there with very little explanation in how to pass them, so how can you tell which test should you take and why should you even bother?  The right test to take is the test for which you strongly believe that you become good at.  You need proper test preparation resources, there are a lot of them on the internet.  I am personally familiar with the following site, they have fairly descent informative site, providing recommendations in terms of what test are the best to take.

Tutoring English Abroad

Nearly everyone dreams of traveling and seeing the world. What better way to do that with a rewarding career? If you’re considering tutoring English abroad, chances are that you have the nostalgia … and few fears for a good time.

If you have already weighed the pros and cons and decided that this was the career for you, chances are that you know what the requirements are. You can even to the extent you read this. Nevertheless, here is a basic run down of what kinds of people are best suited for this work.