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How to be a good English Tutor?

It is known that all you are an expert in English which means you can write good English, speaking in an elegant manner. But can we boast a good guardian of the English language? Of course not. Nobody can. Because it is very difficult to make a good tutor. You can easily master a language, but you can never boast that a guardian productive, especially a language as English.

Now you should be aware of leaving the difference between a guardian and a tutor. A tutor is someone who teaches a class. There are a large number of students there. But if your role is to act as guardian you are confronted with two or three students before the lesson. Teach a class to some extent easy. You do not need to specify the problem to a particular student in a classroom. But if you’re coaching you need to pay attention to the problems of individual students.

When you go to a good tutor of English, you need to decide if you want a protector of the grammar or guide your students to write good English. It’s what you want guardian. Almost Part you feel strong, it is better to cling to that part.